Visualizing the Perfect Restaurant Shift

Visualizing the Perfect Restaurant Shift

What does “The Perfect Shift” mean to you?

Many restaurant managers, when asked, would simply say that The Perfect Shift would be one in which everything “went right”.  Pretty unspecific, wouldn’t you say?  Now let me ask you, as a restaurant manager, if you’re unsure of what The Perfect Shift is to you, how can you ever hope to expect shift excellence? 

Elite athletes have long embraced visualization techniques as a vital strategy to enhance their performance before a game or event.  Tiger Woods, for example, makes the swing and sees the ball fall into the cup over and over again in his mind before he ever even approaches the golf tee. 

This same strategy remains greatly untapped in the restaurant industry, but it can make an immediate and dramatic impact on your and your restaurant’s operation.

In order to run anything remotely close to The Perfect Shift, you must be able to first visualize the outcome you want.  Shift Visualization is simply the act of mentally rehearsing your desired shift results before the shift actually occurs. 

Close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.  Imagine you are sitting in front of your TV watching a video of you and your team’s superior performance through an upcoming shift.  A powerful, uplifting soundtrack plays in the background . . . and you’re swept away.

Suddenly, all eyes are upon you and you see yourself moving confidently and boldly through the shift, smiling and waving to guests.  See your entire team showing up on time with big smiles wearing clean, crisp uniforms.  See yourself conducting an inspiring, energetic pre-shift team meeting.  See tons of beautiful, aromatic, glorious food prepared to perfection with great pride and skill, delivered to enchanted guests.  See your service team transform into public relations specialists, delivering big smiles and creating an atmosphere of genuine awe and delight for each and every guest.  See the excitement and feel the enthusiasm of your team blazing a trail of glory through a heavy-volume, high-energy shift . . . right through the high-fives, hearty handshakes and heartfelt appreciation you bestow upon them as they prepare to go home.  The crowd goes wild, bursting into explosive, thunderous applause.  You’ve led your team to victory!

WOW!  The Perfect Shift!  Isn’t that an incredible feeling? 

The goal of Shift Visualization is simple.  Identify what The Perfect Shift is to you.  Imagine yourself in “the zone” and turning in a superior performance during the biggest, most important shift of your restaurant career.  Rewind your mental video and play it again.  Edit your performance to perfection.  Fine-tune even the smallest of details.  As you play your Perfect Shift video over and over in your head, you’ll begin to feel your confidence grow, recognize your talents, edit your weaknesses and develop your skills. 

You consistently move closer to what you are focused on.  Shift Visualization is a tool that can help you develop a more powerful Positive Mental Attitude and it’s the key that can help unlock the door of your performance. 

Of course, even after mastering the art of Shift Visualization, each and every shift will not always be The Perfect Shift.  There will always be situations and issues that we cannot completely control.  However, with practice, you will have created a mindset geared towards producing optimal results during any shift at your restaurant.

Now, if you were to take the time and make a list of everything that would be involved in making The Perfect Shift a reality, what would your list include? 

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